PWM Static Voltage Stabilizer

Special Features:

  • DSP based single card technology.
  • Compact size compared to conventional stabilizer.
  • Very fast output correction speed.
  • 20 KHz PWM for noiseless operation.
  • Excellent Voltage regulation of +/-1%.
  • Very low cost compared to conventional stabilizer.
  • Auto by pass.
  • No moving parts so no wear and tear in Long term operation.
  • Reliable and no maintenance.
  • High efficiency.


  • Medical equipments.
  • CNC Machinery.
  • Computer peripherals.
  • Industries and Corporate.

Technical Specifications:

Technology Specifications Static Voltage Regulator
Regulation +/- 1%
Standard input voltage 170/290 volts
Over Load Protection >150% 1minute,300% immediately
Output and input over voltage and under voltage protection Yes
Contactor at Output Yes
LED and LCD for meeting and parameter and fault display Yes
Single Phase prevention in case of Phase loss Yes